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Do you charge the resident a security deposit? What about a pet fee?

Yes. Our policy is that the security deposit is typically one month's rent. Pets are not allowed without your permission. When pets are allowed, an additional non refundable pet fee of $250 is required for each cat, dog or other animal.  The pet fee(s) is for permission to have pet(s) on premises. Any damage caused will be deducted from security deposits being held.

Renter's insurance MUST include and NOT exclude each particular pet.

What about Carbon monoxide alarm requirements?
Fla. Stat. § 553.885 states that if the building for which a building permit is issued for new construction on or after July 1, 2008, and having a fossil-fuel-burning heater or appliance, a fireplace, or an attached garage shall have an approved operational carbon monoxide alarm installed within 10 feet of each room used for sleeping purposes.

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What type of batteries should be in smoke alarms?
Effective January 1, 2015, a  battery-powered smoke alarm that is newly installed or replaces  an existing battery-powered smoke alarm must be powered by a  non-removable, non-replaceable battery that powers the alarm for at least 10 years.

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Where are smoke alarms are to be placed in the home?

Alarms must be installed in the hallway or area leading to the sleeping rooms and on all levels, including basements.  BUT In new construction, alarms must be installed within each sleeping room. Also in new construction, alarms must be interconnected and provided with both AC and battery backup power.

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